Veinlite TV


Finding and accessing veins and arteries on mice and rats has never been easier! Ideal for the Research market, Veinlite R is specifically designed to simplify venous and arterial access on mice and rats. Veinlite R is leading the way to better intravenous access in Research. It is simple to use, affordable and effective. The included tail adapters make stabilizing and securing the tail during access effortless. Powered by one AAA battery, Veinlite R features a compact form factor. You can switch light color and intensity for imaging veins, arteries and examination. Attach a lanyard to the cap for easy access anytime. Find and access veins and arteries easily. Portable device features one-handed operation for ease of use – Integrated color switching and brightness controls. With Veinlite R, technicians will be able to instantly identify veins and arteries, secure the tail, and make an efficient stick. No wasted time, supplies, or unnecessary trauma. Meets INS & CDC Guidelines for Infection Control – Uses affordable disposable plastic covers to prevent contamination. Veinlite R features 3 different colored lights: green for arteries, orange for veins, and a white exam light.

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