Wessels Single Temp Induction/Warming Chamber


Post-surgery warming chamber/pre-surgery warming induction chamber provides continuous warmth to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery. Warming Chamber: Standard small shoe box cage, 7" x 11" x 5", standard large shoe box cage, 10" x 19" x 8" Inlet/outlet port for gas anesthetic when used as an induction chamber Heavy duty power packs provide preset temperature. Universal input (110-220V) for use in any Country Warming element sealed under stainless steel floor. Bedding material can be used in cage Filter Top: Allows animal to fully recover in chamber while unattended Includes membrane for sealing filter top and outlet port to exhaust gas when used as an induction chamber Chamber includes one single temp UIHD-power pack, induction conversion kit and operating instructions, Important Note: Cage floor temperatures were measured with an ambient room temperature of 70°F (21°C). Room conditions and table temperature will slightly increase/decrease cage floor temperature.

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