CO2 Chamber


CO2 Chamber - The cleanest CO2 induction chamber on the market! For mice and rats, Simple, quick and easy to use! Small foot print - 9" diameter, easy to keep on bench, Quick connect with valve - closes when disconnected, keeps CO2 in tube and chamber. Door allows user to place animals in chamber without losing CO2. Provides for ultra quick animal induction, 7' tube - easily connects to CO2 source. Disposable bag liner - animal feces and urine remain in bag with animal, Chamber is always clean. Delivery tube within chamber - fills chamber from bottom, decrease induction time, "more humane". Clear acrylic top - easy to see animals in chamber, Solid sides - prevents viewing of animals during the process. Includes see thru acrylic lid with door and quick connect with valve, 7' tubing, 50 disposable insert bags

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