Red Polycarbonate Mouse Tent, each


Datesand's Mouse Tent is intended to provide a high quality, cost-effective solution to a variety of issues. Made from tinted polycarbonate, the Mouse Tent creates a sense of safety and sanctuary, providing mothers a perfect nesting location whilst still remaining transparent enough to allow for quick and easy cage checks. The flat upper surface adds an additional layer to the cage environment and increases the available floor space. This allows for additional enrichment, as well as creating a safe place for mice to escape to in the event of cage flooding. The open bottomed design makes the Mouse Tent easy to clean and stackable. The Mouse Tent has also been designed with a specific angle so that the animals cannot turn it upside down and use it as a boat. This means there is always a shelter and safe space for the animals to find refuge. Increase cage floor area, Autoclavable red polycarbonate, Cagewasher safe, Excellent quality yet highly economical, Easy to clean, store & stack.

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