Iso Pads, 6" x 10"


iso-PADS represent the next generation of bedding materials. They are flat, compressed, rectangular pads of cotton fiber material that can be conveniently dropped into standard shoebox rodent cages that are meant to be used as a contact bedding. Rodents enthusiastically shred the pads into a soft, fluffy consistency which offers an unsurpassed enrichment aspect to this unique bedding product. ISO-Pads are perfect for post surgical applications as the bright white pad offers great visual monitoring of leaking and bodily functions. 6105 Non-Sterilized Bulk Packs 6" x 10" (15.24cm x 25.4cm) Cotton Pads. 500 pads per case. Product Features: High Tech Bedding Material Eliminates variables associated with recycled or synthetic bedding products Produced from FDA-approved, cotton-based cellulosic fibers that are hypoallergenic Perfect companion for micro isolation units or standard shoebox cages Controlled Manufacturing Produced, sized, and packaged in a certified ISO 9001 facility Strictly defined and certified for contaminants High Absorbency Absorbs more than 400% its weight in water Enhanced evaporation of liquids Controls odors better and lasts longer than traditional bedding materials Biodegradable and environmentally friendly Reduced waste volume Color and Consistency Improved observation of animals and their discharges due to light color Minimized dust No pouring and no dispensers greatly reduces airborne particulates Environmental Enrichment Rodents are instinctively motivated to shred iso-PADS, creating a natural nest-like environment Shredding provides rodents with a natural enrichment activity Provides material for a nest building environment Ideal environment for rearing young Economics and Ergonomics Consistent pad size insures uniform dispensing, facilitating accurate cost control accounting Reduced weight decreases waste disposal costs Improved personnel safety due to light weight and low dust Labor saving Storage and Convenience Compressed pads dramatically reduce storage requirements of this product (1 small case contains enough bedding for 500 cages) Pre-measured pads are simply dropped into the cage, eliminating the need for expensive bedding dispensers Frees floor space for other more productive uses

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