Rodent Intubation Stand


Constructed from durable polycarbonate, this platform provides the perfect stage for intubating mice and rats up to 300 grams. The animal is suspended from the incisor wire on the angled side of the stand. Three mounting positions are available to customize the placement of the animal on the stand in order to meet the user's needs. Two sets of posts are provided with each stand for installation of the incisor wire and the optional head positioning wire. Each post has three positions for the height adjustment to optimally accommodate the user and the animal. Each post is also fitted with a slit for securing the end of the wire making the wire easy to install and easier to remove. The stand is constructed from a single piece of polycarbonate plastic with a seamless design. The top of the stand provides a hand rest for stabilization during intubation that is designed to support significant weight. The compact seamless design and its construction from durable polycarbonate make this stand easy to clean and will not crack with the use of harsh cleaning agents as is common with similar stands constructed from acrylic. The simple nature of this device in comparison to other intubation stands that pivot and hinge with the aid of numerous moving parts and hard to clean crevices significantly reduces the learning curve of achieving consistent, successful intubations which directly translates into increased productivity. Competitively priced, this product offers a significant advantage to similar products by providing a simple but durable stand that is easy to clean, store, and move to any location.

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