Rodent Sling


Slings can be used to securely restrain rodents during many procedures. Choice of restraint in many sizes and range of adjustment make rodent sling a valuable asset to any laboratory setting. Other small animal species may also be restrained using same frame with suits and slings available for mice and guinea pigs. Frame: Polypropylene base with supports made from stainless steel, one inch thick base material provides a robust support that does not move. Stainless supports and connectors held with convenient thumbs screws allow for height adjustments. Frame is easily cleaned and dismantles when not in use. Restraints: Full body restraint is provided with choice of either sling suit or sling cover. Both restrainers allow for access to all limbs, head and tail. Velcro fasteners allow for quick and secure restraint and adjustable fit for individual animals. Sling suits are sold in five sizes according to weight range of animals. Rodent Sling Cover is available in single size for rats up to 500g. Custom sizes available on request.

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