Single Animal Anesthesia System w/Heat


The E-Z Anesthesia Single Animal System with Heat is designed as an economical alternative when a simple, entry-level system is sufficient. Accommodates animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits. Designed for treatment of one animal at a time. Y-splitter valve directs anesthetic output to either induction chamber or breathing circuit. Oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animal. Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of unit. System Includes: EZ-108SA Single animal vaporizer unit, EZ-103A Microflex mouse/rat non-rebreathing device plus 2 plastic surgery beds, EZ-178 mouse/rat Sure-Seal induction chamber, EZ-258 charcoal filters (8), EZ-1000 E-Z heat controller, HB-1000V heated bed, V-shaped, EZ-163 chamber warmer, O2 Regulator - specify which oxygen regulator is required: EZ-320 industrial CGA540 or EZ-330 medical yoke fitting, Mouse/rat nosecones, nosecone plugs and all connecting tubes.

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