Autoflow Small Animal Anesthesia System


Precise, consistent, preset flow rate from each outlet, no variables. E-Z Auto Flow System offers highly efficient, precise gas flow that is easy to use. Fixed flow rates are set specifically for mice and rats. Each output is individually controlled with simple on/off switch Five outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to four breathers Preset flow rates eliminate need for flowmeters and manual adjustments Protocols are easily followed without calculations Flow rate is not impacted by the accessories connected Precise, low flow gas saves money and protects personnel Pushbutton oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animals System includes: EZ-190F Auto-flow vaporizer unit, (2) EZ-103A Microflex mouse/rat non-rebreathing devices plus (2) plastic surgery beds per breather, EZ-178 Mouse/Rat sure-seal induction chamber, EZ-258 Charcoal filters (8), O2 Regulator - specify which oxygen regulator is required: EZ-320 industrial CGA540, EZ-330 medical yoke fitting Mouse/Rat nosecones, Nosecone plugs and all connecting tubes.

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