EZ-Anesthesia MicroFlex Small Animal Sys, w/heat


Featuring the Microflex Breather This low profile breather is suitable for work under microscopes and other applications where a smaller breather is required. Also available in composite plastic for MRI use. Breather is supplied with two nosecone sizes - customized for mice, rats and other animals weighing up to 500 grams. Tight fitting nosecones eliminate gas leakage and protect personnel from gas exposure. Includes heating elements for maintaining animal temperature during procedures. System includes: EZ-150C Classic vaporizer unit, EZ-103 Microflex non-rebreathing unit, EZ-178 Mouse/Rat sure-seal induction chamber, EZ-211 Mouse/Rat thin-line stainless steel heated surgical waterbed (10"L x 3.5"W x 1"H), EZ-163 Induction chamber warmer, EZ-200 Water heating circulation pump, EZ-258 Charcoal filters (8), O2 Regulator - specify which Oxygen Regulator is required: EZ-320 industrial CGA540, EZ-330 medical yoke fitting, Mouse/rat nosecones, nosecone plugs, charcoal filter stand, and all connecting tubes

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