Mini Thermacage with Difuser ClearRed


High quality warming cabinet for use where space is at a premium. Overall height of 30cm to enables use in any standard cage change station or procedure cabinet. With user operated temperature control, Mini Thermacage will increase it's gentle airflow to the set temperature and then maintain that while the unit remains switched on. Four individual compartments make it ideal solution for post-operative care and blood sampling procedures with small rodents.Small footprint: 32cm x 40cm x 15cm (30cm with heater unit).Integrated P.I.D. controller, easy adjustments and 3 step operation.High front, spring loaded, hinged access doors for easy access and animal security. Dividers provide 4, 3 or 2 compartment configurations. Unique diffuser element ensures equal temperature is reached in all compartments. 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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