Mini Capsules


Ideal for materials that are insoluble, form poor suspensions, are affected by excipients or are odorous and distasteful, e.g., sustained release beadlets, paint flakes, chromic oxide marker For lower GI drug delivery size 9 has been used in rats >200gm & Guinea Pigs; size M has been used in mice >30gm. Capsule holders are available for dip coating in enteric solutions. Size 9 can be used for intra-colonic delivery via rectal insertion in rats >200-250gm. Parameter Size 9el Size 9 Size M Capsule Body Capacity 0.08 ml 0.025 ml 0.004 ml Fill Weight (materials with density 1g/ml) 80 mg 25 mg 4 mg External Diameter Maximum 2.70 mm 2.70 mm 1.27 mm Length When Locked Maximum 23.2 mm 8.4 mm 8.4 mm Surface area locked capsule in sq mm, for enteric coating. Not Applicable 68 ± 3 sq mm 31 ± 3 sq mm Weight Empty (Cap & Body) Average1 17 mg 10 mg ~2 mg Colors Available Clear & Opaque Clear & Opaque White 1 For a specific net fill weight tare the weight of each capsule body individually and then fill or use a pre-weighed amount of powder for each capsule.

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