TPump HeatingCooling Pump


Safe and Effective Localized Warming and Cooling Therapy. The T/Pump system provides safe and effective localized warming and cooling therapy with precise temperature control. Simple and versatile, T/Pump is effective for chronic pain relief and patient comfort. The large translucent reservoir and large buttons make operation simple. Conveniently operates with tap water without the need for sterile or distilled water. Ergonomic design with comfortable handle makes transport easy. T/Flash Technology provides a slight temperature change, providing patients with an "always there" feeling that the product is working. Audible and visible alarms alert caregivers to low water or internal issues. Large transluscent reservoir has a large capacity and allows users to determine water levels at a glance. Three-layer safety system helps ensure safe operation. Multiple temperature settings and treatment cycles allow for therapy that is customized to patient needs. Large buttons and LED indicators make operation simple and intuitive. Extra wide leak-proof cap includes a tethered strap to prevent cap loss. Simply with tap water for warming or tap water and ice for cooling.

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