Manual of Microsurgery on the Laboratory Rat


The "Manual of Microsurgery on the Laboratory Rat" By: J.J. van Dongen, R. Remie, J.W. Rensema and G.H.J. van Wunnik ISBN: 0444811397 In up-to-date didactic manual describing experimental microsurgical techniques in great detail. The manual includes general information about the rat, i.e. anatomy, anesthesia and sterility and a wide range of general techniques, as there are: Handling of the animal Injections and other administering Preparation of cannulae and other special aids Suture techniques Anastomosis Blood sampling The sections on experimental techniques are covered in the greatest depth. All essential steps that are taken during the operations are shown in meticulously accurate drawings thus making the manual an accurate instrument in teaching and studying microsurgery and microsurgical techniques. Experimental techniques described are: Permanent cannulation of the jugular vein Portacaval anastomosis Permanent double bile fistula Permanent cannulation of the portal vein Permanent cannulation of the renal vein Permanent cannulation of the iliolumbar artery Permanent cannulation of the thoracic duct Perfusion of the Isolated gut in vivo Intra-uterine operations

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