Rat Loft


The Rat Loft is a perforated stainless steel platform that is bent to form a hook which allows the loft to be hung from the top lip of the cage. This device is easy to install and can be left in the cage for cleaning. The stainless steel will not rust, crack, or bend. Research rats are housed in either metal wire bottom cages or plastic solid bottom cages called shoeboxes. Wire bottom cages are the preferred industry cage due to cleanliness and low labor maintenance. However, rats housed in these cages may develop lesions on their feet from constantly being on wire mesh, which is a major problem for research institutions. Shoebox cages use bedding which addresses animal welfare concerns but also carry increased operational costs associated with these very same concerns. In order to maintain acceptable sanitary conditions, research facilities using these cages must replace the bedding frequently. Benefits of the Rat Loft Increases floor space per cage Stainless steel is easily cleaned and durable No replacement or disposal issues Less expensive over time than disposable and plastic devices Allows nursing mother rats a place of refuge from pups Seems to have a calming effect on the rats Easy to install and remove New hinged floor design allows researcher to access rat if beneath it Designed by a researcher who is genuinely concerned with the welfare of rats and is aware of the concerns of researchers.

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