Programmable Peristaltic Pump


Have a need to accurately fill multiple bottles, vials or other containers with a liquid? The learn and repeat mode of the BS-900 Peristaltic Pump makes even the smallest of businesses highly productive right from day one. BS-900 is equipped to be used in many settings from small business to large factory floor. Pump can be integrated into existing production lines or simply stand alone. BS-900 comes fully programmable and can be operated manually or with a PC through a RS-232 communication port at no extra cost. Flow rates vary from a minimum of 0.5ml/hr to a maximum of 1250ml/min. The pump's specialty is its small scale production dispensing. It will fill numerous bottles, vials, etc. with fluids of all types. Equipped for mass production dispensing at a price affordable for small business, this pump is a great deal no matter your purchasing power. Easy-to-use keypad interface, space saving chassis: Foot print size of only 7.75" x 7" - won't take up unnecessary space on laboratory or production bench. The YB2 Peri Head is included with the pump. This is a 2 roller 3/16" ID tubing kit. Maximum dispense rate is 775mL/min. Kit includes blue 2 roller head, 4 ft. of tubing, 1.75" nylon clamp ties and a vial of lubricant. Dispense and withdrawal pumping Dispense and withdrawal volumes separately accumulated Programmable dispense volumes Non-volatile memory of all operating parameters and pumping program Programmable phases allow complex pumping applications and interaction with external devices. RS-232 bi-directional control Built-in pump network driver. Pump network supports up to 100 pumps and other devices Two modes of RS-232 control: Basic and Safe. Safe mode provides communication error detection, loss of communication detection, and automatic transmitting of alarm conditions TTL I/O with software filtered control inputs to eliminate glitches and ringing on control inputs. Configurable TTL operational trigger Power Failure Mode: Restarts pumping program after a power interruption Audible alarm

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