Programmable Syringe Pump (BS-DUAL)


Programmable Syringe Pump Built for Automation - Operates stand-alone or from a computer. Infusion and withdrawal, set a single pumping rate, set a dispensing volume, or program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and respond to external signals, sound the buzzer. Create expandable and reconfigurable multi-syringe systems by attaching pumps to each other. General Features - Infuses and withdraws, accepts small syringes or large syringes, up to 60 cc, dispense continuously at a fixed pumping rate as low as 6uL/hr or as high as 1200ml/hr. Change pumping rate and direction while pumping. Selectable rate units: uL/hr, uL/mn, ml/hr, ml/mn. Dispense a specified volume. Dispense according to a pumping program to pre-program dispense volumes, each volume can be different; automatically change pumping rates or pumping direction; ramp up or down the pumping rate; timed delays between dispensers; automatically pause the program and wait for the user to continue the dispense; synchronize dispenses with other equipment or pumps to change pumping rates in reaction to a sensor or signals from other pumps; send logic signals to other equipment. Change pumping rates in reaction to a sensor. Program audible alarm to beep at any time to alert operator. Enter pumping program from the keypad or download it from a computer. Operates stand-alone, from an RS-232 computer port or from TTL logic interface. Total volume pumped separately accumulated for infusion and withdrawal. Programming Features - 41 programmable phases, Set event interrupts from external signals to cause automatic jumps to another part of the program, Conditional jumps based on external inputs. Nested Loops - Repeat a section of the program continuously or a set number of times (CE APPROVED). Program Editing Functions - Insert and delete program phases, Simplifies program development and updating, Allows quick removal or addition of program phases, Enter programs from keypad or computer. Download or upload pumping programs from or to a computer. Store dispensing programs in a file on computer, then download them to one or more pumps. Specify in the file to send a different pumping program of each pump in the pump network. Automatically change pumping rates. Insert timed delays between dispenses. Multi-syringe pump has all programming features of the single syringe pump with either 6, 8 or 12 syringes.

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