Sentry Ultrasonic Cleaner, Dry Sterilizer


Sentry Ultrasonic Cleaner is a high-efficiency cleaner specially developed to clean surgical instruments. Ultrasonic waves pump micron-sized bubbles into the water. Bubbles fit into the tightest spaces which would be impossible to clean by traditional methods. When bubbles implode, water hits the instrument at speeds up to 250 mph providing a very powerful cleaning action. High-capacity elongated tank easily accommodates long surgical instruments and other equipment that may not fit into desktop ultrasonic cleaners. Uses a powerful generator to create ultrasonic waves that provide effective cleaning action. When heavy bio-burden or oily residue is present, Sentry's cleaning power can be enhanced with a heating feature that warms water up to 65 degrees C. Operates quietly without disrupting work in laboratory. Lid decreases noise and includes a viewing window to monitor progress. Takes up little space for convenient storage on lab bench. Light weight for easy transport or storage.

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