Plastic V-A-P ROP Rat-O-Port


Rat-O-Port's rounded port chamber has been shown to prolong patency by preventing sludge formation. The Rat-O-Port can be provided with preattached or attachable polyurethane or silicone catheters, rounded or blunt tip, in sizes 1-5 French. Low profile and light weight Reduces incidence of skin necrosis Rounded port reservoir and tangential catheter outlet More complete flushing reduces complications Ringed septum easy to palpate Provides easy access during needle insertion Ideal for long-term access procedures Tested to 350 punctures with a 24 gauge huber needle Avoids repeated venipuncture Promotes animal welfare Ideal for both intravascular and peritoneal access Avoids repeated tail vein catheterization Specifications: Material: Plastic with stainless steel catheter pin Weight: 1.5g Volume: 0.11cc Height: 0.35"/0.9cm Septum Opening: 0.3"/0.8cm Footprint: 0.7"/1.7cm Catheter configuration: Rat-O-Port models can be ordered with catheters that are preattached during manufacture or attachable/Ac - to be attached during surgery Catheter material: Rat-O-Port models can be ordered with silicone, polyurethane, or hydromer coated in sizes 1-7 French Catheter tip configuration: Blunt or rounded tip

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