Labsand, Urine Sample Collection Sand


Urine Sample Collection Sand for Laboratory Use. Revolutionary hydrophobic sand that keeps the urine on top making sample collection easy! Non Invasive 100% natural Easy to use Suitable for testing all common parameters LabSand is revolutionary biodegradable hydrophobic sand that has a natural non-toxic urine repelling coating. It allows scientists, researchers, and technicians to quickly and easily collect urine samples without resorting to invasive procedures. To use, simply spread the contents of a LabSand bag onto a clean surface and let the animal freely urinate on the sand. The urine will stay on top, allowing you to easily collect the sample with a pipette and vial; or, by dipping a testing strip directly onto the droplet while it is on the sand. LabSand is based on technology used in Kit4Cat, a product widely used by veterinarians and research facilities in 43 countries worldwide. Benefits: Obtain a clean uncontaminated sample. Reduces animal stress and maintains high standards of animal welfare. Easy collection saves time and makes the process stress free. Biodegradable, so disposal is easy. 100% natural and non-toxic. Recommended by top pharmaceutical companies.

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