Bullet Blender GOLD, 24 sample capacity


Aim for Higher Efficiency, Superior Results and Greater Value Arm Your Lab with the Bullet Blender Homogenizer. The versatile Bullet Blender is ideal for a wide range of laboratory tasks, including disrupting, homogenizing, dissociating or lysing cells, tissues and plant matter. Thousands of researchers rely on this high quality instrument to achieve consistent results while saving time, effort and money. Homogenize Soft to Tough Samples - Use the Bullet Blender to homogenize a variety of samples, such as organ tissue (including tough tissue and small bones), cell cultures, plant material and small organisms. Use for a Wide Range of Applications - The Bullet Blender is ideal for extraction of proteins, nucleic acids, viruses, small molecules and viable bacteria. By tuning the speed and selecting the appropriate material and size of the beads, many types of single cells and tougher organelles can be isolated. Rely on Unparalleled Technical Support - The Bullet Blender comes with PhD-level technical support. 100+ optimized protocols for many tissues and cell cultures are freely available online so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time getting results. Easy Operation - Simply add samples, beads and buffer to tubes and place in the Bullet Blender. Select run time and speed, close the lid and press "start." There are no clamp plates or locking rings to fiddle with. High-Efficiency Technology - Using patented striking technology, the "bullets" in the Bullet Blender repeatedly strike the tubes. This results in vigorous agitation of the samples and collisions between the samples and beads inside the tubes. Size: Most models have a small footprint: 9in. (22 cm) wide by 10 in. (25 cm) deep. The largest model is 13 in. (33 cm) wide by 14 in. (35 cm) deep. Variety of Beads - A variety of beads are available, including RNase free, covering a wide array of applications and samples, packaged in bulk or pre-loaded in tubes. Your Bullet Blender comes with a starter pack sampling of beads. FEATURES CAPACITY: Process up to 24 samples in 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes, up to 12 samples in 5 ml tubes, or up to 8 samples in 50 ml tubes. TUBES: Uses commonly available tubes. ENVIRONMENT: Operational in constant 4 degrees C to 50 degrees C. Use in refrigerator/cold room or an incubator. AIR COOLING: This option keeps samples near ambient temperatures. SPEED CONTROL: Adjustable to handle gentle vortexing to homogenization of bones. KEY BENEFITS HIGH YIELDS: Delivers high efficiency under microprocessor-controlled conditions for consistent results. Due to unique design, minimal heat preserves sample quality. HIGH THROUGHPUT: Runs up to 24 samples in parallel, so your work is done in a faster, easier manner. No probes to clean between samples so there is no cross contamination. BEST VALUE: More affordable due a simple, reliable design. Standard tube compatibility keeps operating costs low. Comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 2 year warranty

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