SureStrain Premium Cell Strainers


The SureStrain™ Premium Cell Strainer system is a fast and easy-to-use solution for detaching, isolating and straining cells from clusters and tissues. A polypropylene frame supports a nylon mesh that is available in three color-coded porosities: 40µm (blue), 70µm (white), and 100µm (yellow). The advanced frame/housing design also contributes to superior performance and reduced processing time, by eliminating the "air-lock" effect. Improved aeration allows air to escape while filtrate is entering the tube, preventing messy spillovers. • Advanced design – faster flow through • Superior ventilation – prevents clogging/spills • Interlocking and stackable • RNase, DNase, pyrogen and cytotoxin free • Sterile (gamma) and individually packed • Designed for use with 50mL tubes, adapter for 15mL tubes included

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