Bowman Style Rodent Restrainer,larger animal 250 to 750gr


Bowman Style Rodent Restrainer The Bowman restrainer has been re-engineered and refined to accommodate larger sized animals up to 750 grams. The positions of the stainless steel rods around the rodent provide easy access for many types of research applications, especially obesity studies. The rodent can quickly be inserted into the restrainer by removing several stainless steel upper rods, or through an access port hole in the rear upright. The access port hole features a polycarbonate locking door to prevent escape. The front "guillotine" door can be adjusted and locked by using any one (1) of three (3) adjustment positions. The door has stainless steel "spring loaded" lock. Suction cup feet on the white plastic base secure the device during use.Product Specification:

  • Weight range from 250 up to 750 grams
  • Maximum length of the rodent compartment is 9" (228 mm)
  • Eighteen (18) stainless steel rods are adjustable up to 3_5" Ø (89 mm)
  • Rear access port opening is 2" Ø (50.8 mm)
  • The polycarbonate locking door is attached by a 'Nylock" fastener to prevent future operational loss.
  • Overall height is 11" (279 mm)
  • Base size is l0" x 12" (254 mm X 305 mm)
  • Basic unit is constructed of .500" (123 mm) jeweled acrylic