Rodent Thermometer with Print-out


The new TK-9882 thermometer for core temperature with built-in printer is combining accuracy of a digital electronic and simplicity of reading with a large backlight LCD screen and a great number of functions and accessories. Ideal for exact and fast measurements of core temperature on rodents (rats and mice) when a proof of measurement is necessary (memory-stored or paper-printed). Combined with the right probe is specially targeting measurements on small rodents like rats and mice, and offers a wide area of functionalities making it the ideal thermometer for laboratory applications during your studies involving animal models. The 2 separate channels T1 and T2 allow differential measures with the room air temperature, while the large integrated LCD display shows both T1 and T2 channels as well as the difference T1-T2. With its resolution of 0.1 ºC and its internal memory able to store up to 99 manual temperatures, or 4000 automatic temperatures in the "data logger mode", the TK9882 thermometer for rodents offers state-of-the art performance for your research. Its solid construction and rubber keys, along with the plastic case, make the TK9882 an easy-to-use and very durable instrument fit for all applications and conditions. Furthermore, TK-9882 thermometer is equipped with an internal thermal printer to directly print your measurement on a ticket. The date, time and a settable ID number will be printed on user action. Ex: name of the user (perfectly suiting for GLP rules). A USB computer connection provides a convenient way to export data into third programs such as Excel by using our optional software. This thermometer is designed for advanced users who need a high-performance instrument with GLP-like features. Just connect 1 or 2 probes to 1 or both ports, then press the ON/OFF button to start the device. Press F1 button to go to the MEAS menu and the temperature(s) of your probe(s) will be displayed. A simple push on F4 and the value is printed using the built-in thermal printer. You can also save the value using the internal memory or the data logging function. The data in memory can then be reviewed again on the screen or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Includes black plastic case, Batteries (4 x AAA). Rectal probe sold separately.

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