SmartSeal Semi-Automated Thermal Plate Sealer


Ideal for labs with low to medium processing needs. Ensures uniform sealing of all wells, eliminates evaporation during processing and protects delicate samples during storage. All parameters including time, temperature and pressure are digitally controlled to provide precise control and consistency from plate to plate. A variety of thermal films can be accommodated, including thin foil films. Fast, reproducible sealing of sell plates;Adjustable time, temperature and pressure for optimized sealing;User friendly controls: load plate, press "RUN" to seal;Accepts a wide range of plate types and heights, including deep well storage plates, assay plate, PCR plates, etc. Specifications: Temperature range: 80 degrees C to 200 degrees C accurate to 1 degrees C Temperature. Heat Up: 6 minutes to reach 200 degrees C Sealing Time: 0.5 sec. to 10 sec. (0.1 sec. increments) Maximum Plate Height: 48mm. Weight: 21 lbs./9.5kg.Dimensions: 7" x 14.6" x 13"/17.8cm x 37cm x 33cm

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