Quietek Automated Euthanization Device


Ensure that laboratory rodents are humanely euthanized without disrupting laboratory workflow. Quietek is an affordable, fully-automated device specifically designed to comply with Revised 2013 AVMA guidelines _Adheres to stringent new guidelines - The Revised 2013 AVMA Guidelines for Euthanasia of Animals state that flow rate for lab rodent C02 euthanasia systems should displace up to 70% of chamber or cage volume/minute. NIH requires all new research plans and renewals be evaluated using these guidelines. Takes the guesswork out of euthanasia - Designed by animal research facility managers and scientists, easy to use, accurate system ensures that users correctly administer C02 by automatically calculating gas delivery for cage volume and desired fill rate. C02 conditions will be consistent every time, thereby eliminating a source of variation. Fail-safe and easy to operate - Simply push start. There are no valves to turn (or accidentally leave open) between runs and no regulators to adjust. Quietek also features a key lock that prevents unwanted or accidental tampering with settings. Reduces impact on lab - Quietek seamlessly integrates into current protocols. Use it with most common chambers or cages. Lids are available in several sizes. Works on wide range of chamber sizes - models are available for chamber sizes as small as 0.5L to as large as 200L providing flow rates from 0.05 LPM to 60 LPM. Quietek Controller can also be used with other manufacturer's lids.

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