Accuris Hot Start Master Mix


Accuris Taq DNA Polymerase and Master Mix provides superior results for routine applications. Modified to improve DNA-binding, this polymerase offers higher processivity and greater template affinity, resulting in consistently superior performance. Accuris Taq Polymerase exhibits a 5' to 3' nuclease activity, but no 3' to 5' (proofreading) activity and works well with a wide range of DNA templates including GC-rich sequences. Ideal for routine PCR applications as well as genotyping, colony PCR and fast PCR. Improved template affinity and increased processivity for higher enzymatic activity and greater yields. Proprietary buffer optimized for a variety of assay conditions. Supplied with 5X buffer or as a convenient 2X Master Mix. The polymerase is supplied with a 5X buffer containing MgCl2 and a proprietary mix of enhancers (dNTP's not included). For convenience, Accuris Taq is also available in a ready to use 2X Master Mix - just add primers and template DNA. The Master Mix can be ordered with a red loading dye that allows samples to be loaded directly on an agarose gel.

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