Accuris qMAX Green qPCR Mix (20ul volume)


Accuris qMAX Green qPCR Mix - Superior sensitivity and fast cycling with exceptional results. Includes Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase for greater specificity and accuracy. Ideal for low copy number templates. Early Ct values and detection across a broad dynamic range. Ready to use 2X Master Mix. qMax Green has been engineered for high sensitivity, fact cycling and excellent reproducibility. Accuris Hot Start Polymerase provides accurate PCR of a variety of templates including low copy number and difficult sequences, while the proprietary qMax Green intercalating dye exhibits higher fluorescence and lower PCR inhibition than other popular green dyes. These two components are supported by a specially formulated buffer with an exacting combination of salts, PCR enhancers, stabilizers and pH that results in earlier Ct values and a high specificity across a broad dynamic range. qMax Green qPCR Mix is ideal for gene expression analysis, genotyping studies and detection of DNA and cDNA. Both a high ROX and low ROX formulation are available for compatibility with all popular qPCR instruments.

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