PlateFuge Microplate MicroCentrifuge


Quickly spins down droplets in PCR plateslUnique rotor design prevents sample spillage.50% smaller than traditional centrifuges.Accepts all popular PCR plates (skirted, semi and non) and most microtiter plates. Features a swing out rotor capable of securing two microplates. Easily accessible rotor chamber includes two plate carriers that rest at a 75 degrees angle allowing plates to be inserted confidently without sealing tapes or caps. Upon closing lid, rotor accelerates and centrifugal force "swings" plates into a horizontal position. When lid is opened, electric brake brings the rotor to a stop in about 4 seconds. Specifications:Speed: 2550 rpm / 600 xg; Capacity: 2 PCR plates, 4 stacked skirted PCR plates, 2 microtiter plates or.24 0.2ml PCR strips; Dimensions: 9.2" x 10.2" x 7.75"/23cm x 26cm x 19.7cm

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