Partial Body Irradiation, Quad Head Exposure (MHS2-HQ)


Split Shield and Bite Guard Restrainer Can be used in three way essentially, brain, spine or brain and spine. Spine shield slides open equally on both sides and can leave an opening up to half an inch. The shields are not suitable for 360 degree irradiation (typical of a Cs source), and they are limited for use in units that produce energies less than 350kVp (X-Ray). The fixtures are to be used with fixed beam X-ray sources projecting vertically and do not protect the exit side of the irradiated specimen. A shield designed for use with a Cs source typically requires 4 times the lead thickness. These shields are ¼" (6.35mm) lead, and the attenuation factor depends on the kVp energy they are used with. Attempts to use our shields with a Cs source will result in inadequate shielding and overexposure to protected areas of an animal. The shields are regularly used in the Orthovoltage energy range (<320 kVp) and provide about a 100X attenuation.

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