Prefilled Heparin & Saline Syringes


Prefilled syringes for flushing, locking or sampling through any catheter or port system. Order what you need when you need it, in convenient, ready to use packaging. Syringe sizes range from 1cc-60cc with volumes from 0.2ml-60ml. Forget ordering and storing saline and other physiologic solutions in large, inconvenient containers. Forget wasting time unwrapping countless individually wrapped syringes for your daily procedures. Forget mixing sterile solutions and filling them in a less than sterile environment. Catheter patency issues that arise two weeks after surgery or longer are most likely caused by poor maintenance procedures and not related to surgery. Prefilled syringes can be filled with most any solution including saline, heparin/saline, dextrose, heparin/dextrose, and many others. NOT for human use

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