Syringe Heater for Smaller Syringes (spiral)


Syringe Heater Kit •Heating device for syringes that require temperature-controlled dispensing •Heats syringe to approximately 185°C •Compatiblity Notes: Heating syringes over 100°C with BS-300, BS-500, BS-8000 & BS-9000 model syringe pumps requires an affordable customized pump. Call for details. •Digitally set the heater setpoint •Temperature sensor in heating pad •Setpoint retained in memory •Controller will heat the syringe and hold the set temperature using an on/off or PID control algorithm •Multiple syringe heater pads can be attached to the control unit •Heated syringe can be mounted on a syringe pump •Syringe Heater Kit includes Control-Unit power cable and Primary-Syringe-Heater-Pad

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