Green Lysis Kit


Green Bead Lysis Kits consist of microcentrifuge tubes pre-filled with a mix of stainless steel beads for your smaller, tough samples. These kits provide: convenience; high yields with the multiple sizes of beads; and volumetric consistency of beads difficult to duplicate with manual dispensing of beads into tubes. Available in packs of 50 or 250, RNase-free or non-sterile. Eppendorf® Navy kits are made with sturdy Eppendorf Safe-Lock snap-cap tubes. These 1.5 mL tubes are compatible with all microcentrifuge model Bullet Blenders. RINO® Navy kits are made with our RINO screw-cap tubes, which are strong, durable, and contain an integrated rubber seal in the cap to provide an extra layer of protection against sample loss. These kits are for use with Storm and Gold microcentrifuge-model Bullet Blenders.

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