T-FloLoc Flush/Lock Solution, 12 mL syringe


2% Tetra-EDTA Flush and Lock Solution PREMIUM catheter flushing and locking solution offering both patency and infection control. · Provides Broad-Spectrum Activity - effective against gram positive & gram-negative bacteria and fungi associated with catheter-related infections · Prevents and Eradicates Biofilm - eliminates protected microbial colonization of catheters effectively reducing the risk of catheter-related infection · Effective Anticoagulant - promotes catheter patency; avoids systemic anticoagu­lation associated with heparin · Favorable Safety Profile - non-toxic; no topical or systemic effects are known · No Development of Resistance - does not induce development of drug-resistant bacte­rial strains NOTE: each syringe is sterile packaged, suitable for sterile field use

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