Heparin/Dextrose Catheter Loc Solution 10ml vial, 5/pk


Cath Loc HDS acts as a non-toxic anticoagulant lock solution for indwelling catheters for pre-clinical research. This is one of the most common formulations used as a reliable pre-clinical lock solution to maintain catheter patency in vascular catheters. This solution, used in both large and small animals, combines the high viscosity of 50% dextrose with the anticoagulant activity of heparin to promote and extended implanted catheter patency. The high osmolarity of dextrose prevents bacterial colonization and multiplication and the high viscosity of dextrose reduces washout from the catheter tip. The heparin in the solution also aids in prevention of clot formation. Since both dextrose and heparin are physiological constituents which occur naturally in the blood, any excess Cath-Lock HDS injected is quickly metabolized, when used properly. Available in 10ml sterile vials.

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