SMARTBOX Prodigy Plus with Touchscreen


Allows administrators to pre-program an unlimited number of cage sizes with designated flow rates. After initial cage setup, user selects cage icon and hits start. Prodigy uses cage parameters and flow rates to automatically run cycle without further user input. Each user can only see cages authorized by administrator. Treat up to 3 rat cages at one time. Compliant with AVMA Guidelines. Features Touch screen control displays flow, cage type, stage, and times. Automatically calculates your cage type/total volume. Automatically controls flow rates. Administrator can set cage flow rate and times for each cage type. Treats animals at individual cage level.Euthanize up to 3 cages at a time. Secondary charges and dwells for neonates. Unlimited amount of users with password protection.Allows user-level permissions.Designed for investigators that need to retrieve animals quickly.Includes magnetic feet for easy mounting to metal safety cabinets.

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