MouseOx Plus w/Choice of 2 Sensors


MouseOx Plus is the second generation of the original pulse oximeter for mice, rats and other small animals. It is clinically validated and has been used and cited in a multitude of published studies. Noninvasive physiological monitor for anesthetized and conscious subjects. Measure arterial saturation, heart rate, breath rate, temperature and more. Measures heart rates of 90-900 bpm.Monitor up to 16 subjects.MRI compatible (with MRI sensor).Standard software (included) for basic monitoring: heart rate, saturation (Sp02), breath rate, breath distension and pulse distension. Premium software includes temperature and MRI monitoring (purchase of sensors required). Trending charts, real time recording options,?le markers, and quick averaging diagnostic feature for spot-checking. Conscious applications software includes enhanced ?lters and control algorithms for use on conscious, moving subjects.

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