Rodent Anesthesia Face Mask


Rodent Anesthesia Face Mask-Gas anesthesia with Isoflurane is quickly becoming the standard method of general anesthesia for rats and mice in biomedical research. The advantages of using gas anesthesia for in-vivo examinations are numerous. Reduce Headaches and Stress. Thanks to the anatomical face mask design you have head to tail access. Now you can chose gas anesthesia more often. The face mask reduces the technicians exposure to gas by sequestering and filtering waste, minimizing deadspace and leakage. Reduce rodent stress by limiting handling during the administration of gas anesthesia over injectables. Simplify lab management by reducing the use of Schedule II drugs. Setting-up and changing masks is simple and the swivel adapters allow you to make adjustments quickly and even modify the mask for stereotaxic uses. Reduced recovery time by using gas anesthesia makes for a faster and more efficient lab. Benefits of Gas Anesthesia for Rodents: Less complications than from injectable agents Allows for longer exam duration Easier administration with quick recovery Readily incorporated into existing procedures Level plane of anesthesia Reduced animal handling for less stress No Schedule II drugs Uses: Surgical, Ophthalmic, Neurological, Embryology, Multi-station examinations.

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