Digital Anesthesia System


EZ-Anesthesia has taken the vaporizer to the next level. In an era of advancing technology people have asked for the vaporizer to follow along with the digital trend. EZ-Anesthesia has taken the best of both worlds and combined them into a very reliable, user friendly state of the art system. EZ-Anesthesia has taken the always reliable Tech3 vaporizer and has enhanced the features around it. The Digital Anesthesia System incorporates a vivid touch screen that allows the operator to have a full range of exciting features. System incorporates an exclusive digital flow control that gives the user a precise range of .5 to 2.5 lpm. The digital anesthesia systems controls 3 outputs. This allows the user to run an induction chamber with two additional breathers. Our exclusive flow circuit allows the user to choose any combination of outputs while the digital flow control automatically adjusts for the correct flow rates. The induction chamber and breathing circuits include an elapse timer for accurate monitoring to prevent over exposure to their patients. The system is further advanced to include digital warming beds to help maintain the patient's body temperature during surgical procedures. Each of the warming circuits display the set temperature which can be set individually. All settings made in the administrator options are password protected ensuring total protection from tampering. When all procedures are complete simply press the "Done" button and the system shuts down in the proper sequence ensuring a longer life for your system System Includes: Digital Anesthesia Vaporizer Machine, Oxygen or Air Regulator, (1) EZ-178 Induction Chamber, (1) HB-163 Chamber Warmer, (2) Surgery Beds with Breathers - Flat or V-Shaped Mouse and Rat Nosecones with Plugs, and (1) Case of Refresh Charcoal

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