Penny MousePort


Penny MousePort incorporates two major design breakthroughs; a unique septum design and an all silicone port body. MousePort is provided with preattached silicone catheters, in sizes 1-4 French. Low profile Small size and weight Biocompatible oval shape Easy port entry into the smallest mouse Small dead volume Reduces infusate volume Unique septum offfering 180º access Stainless steel needle guard protection Ideal for both intravascular and peritoneal access Avoids repeated tail vein catheterization Specifications: Material: all silicone with a stainless steel needle guard Weight: 1g Volume: 100ul Height: 0.28"/0.7cm Septum Opening: 180º access (1.2cm x 0.4cm) Footprint: 2cm x 1.1cm Catheter Material: Pre-attached silicone catheter Catheter Configuration: 1-4 French

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