Space Gel Pads


SpaceGels heating pads are formed by sealing a super-saturated liquid solution in a pouch similar to an IV bag. The pouch also contains a small metal activator disc. When the disc is flexed, the solution "freezes" and solidifies, giving off heat in the process. The heating pads reach a maximum temperature of about 130 degrees F. Because the heating process is physical, not chemical, the pouches can be reused several hundred times. To reset a SpaceGel heating pad, simply heat through steaming or boiling until all crystals have dissolved. Once cooled, it can be reactivated and used again. SpaceGels have many uses. A SpaceGel can be placed between a cage containing a recovering animal and the table to provide heat during recovery. Small animals can be placed on the heating pads with some sort of barrier (towel, cloth, etc.) A SpaceGel can be wrapped and placed on a part of the animal to be warmed, or on the arteries if warming a large animal. Size 6" x 4"

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