Single Mouse Metabolic Cage


Tecniplast® Metabolic Cage Systems - Meticulously engineered cages feature a unique funnel and cone design that effectively separates feces and urine into tubes outside the cage. No urine washover and no chance for urine to enter the feces tube, so separation is immediate and complete. For untainted and reliable samples. All cage parts and stands are autoclavable. Replacement parts available. Cover - Large, vented, keeps animal securely in cage. Can be removed for easy access to animal Upper Chamber - Made of transparent PC. Surface is smooth, gnaw-proof, noiseless. Cleans easily with warm soapy water or detergent solution Feeder Chamber - Located outside cage. Size discourages rodent from nesting or sleeping inside Feed Drawer - PC drawer slides out for easy filling without disturbing animal. Ideal for slurries, liquids or powders. Not designed for food in pellet form. Rear portion helps to catch spilled food to prevent contamination of feces Feces Collection Tube - Made of non-wetting PMP. Pellets roll down sides of funnel to be collected in tube. Unlocks with single twist from outside of cage without disturbing animal Urine Collection Tube PMP - Graduated in cubic centimeters. Unlocks from outside cage without disturbing animal. Can be cooled with an ice bath Lower Chamber PC - Can be removed without disturbing animal. Cleans with warm soapy water or detergent solution Stand - Stainless Steel stand or rack must be used with any rodent metabolic cage. Stand supports one cage and provides easy access to all parts. 12-cage racks and refrigerated collection racks are also available. All stands and racks are sold separately Collection Funnel and Separating Cone - Unique design and non-wetting PMP ensure immediate, complete separation of feces and urine Support Grid - SS grid lets excreta pass through the widely-spaced bars; mouse cage includes mouse-size grid. Grids have handles for easy transport of cage without stand Water Bottle - Calibrated PC bottle with SS cap and sipper tube. Water Spillage Tube - Collects any water that animals spill. Facilitates accurate collection of fluid intake data Each cage includes complete assembly and use instructions, replacement parts list and warranty card Designed for rats, guinea pigs and hamsters. Includes same fluid collection tubes and rings as the smaller rodent cages and the following components sized for larger rodents: upper chamber, water bottle and support, feeder assembly and urine collection tube.

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