Multivette 600 - 600 ul


Multivette® 600 Capillary and venous blood collection in one system. The unique Multivette® 600 is the only product that can collect both venous and capillary blood. For venous blood collection, a Luer needle is connected to the capillary tube of the Multivette®, which automatically fills by normal venous pressure. Capillary blood is performed using the end-to-end principle. The special pre-assembled capillary tube is designed to hold 600?L of blood. Depending on individual requirements, the Microvette® is available with a cylindrical inner tube for optimum mixing results or a conical inner tube for a high serum/plasma supernatant. Cylindrical outer container is ideal for barcodes and patient labels. Special cap design minimizes aerosol effect when tube is opened and provides safe sealing features.

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