LinkLabel Label Printer


The L3000 LinkLabel BlueTooth Enabled Labeler/Printer with 115-230V Power Supply brings a new level of freedom to laboratory labeling. MTC's free, downloadable LabelPro App allows users to endlessly customize and specialize their labels. Use the app to easily change text, font, positioning, size, and label length. The L3000 LinkLabel also has the ability to print batches, serial numbers, and a variety of barcodes. With 12 available label cassettes, the customization does not end on your smart phone. Choose from multiple optional colors of tape, including transparent. Three label heights are available for different sized vessels. 6mm tapes are great for tissue culture plates, 12mm tapes are ideal from microtubes, and the extra tall 24mm tapes are ideal for large tubes and flasks. Special "ultra-low" label tapes are also available for storage in -80 degrees C environments, or for liquid nitrogen applications.

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