Dorsal Access Mouse Restrainer


Dorsal Access Mouse Restrainer. Accurate, safe and fast way to give injections. The dorsal skin of the mouse is easily accessed through the top circular opening enabling the user to perform subcutaneous injections without risk of being bitten and less likelihood of user sticking own finger. Easy entry: draw mouse tail first or lead head first through the wide entry funnel into the back of the tube and then position stop gate in choice of two slots. With tail first entry, tail is exposed at rear of tube allowing easy access for tattooing and tail bleeds. Overall dimensions: 7.4cm L x 10cm W x 6.7cm H (6.8"L x 3.9"W x 2.6"H) For mice 18-35g. Made from crystal-clear, durable, and chemical resistant TPX . Unlike acrylic, can be repeatedly disinfected with EtOH and is autoclave-safe.

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