Innocage Mouse, bottom only


Innocage mouse cage bottom fits all Innocage mouse cage lids, feeders, and watering solutions. Mouse cage bottoms arrive empty or pre-bedded with your option of ALPHA-dri , corn cob, as well as pre-enriched with Innorichment. Innocage bottoms nest densely in stacks of 25 and are delivered double-bagged and irradiated for added biosecurity. Specifications: Designed to be used with the Innorack , IVC Mouse Sold as a set with mouse cage lids (8.8 oz/249.5 g total), Universal Euro II Type Long, sized for 5 mice Interior dimensions: 81 in² floor space, 345 in³ living space, 5" height (522.6 cm² floor space, 5653.5 cm³ living space, 12.7 cm height), Outside dimensions: 14.7"L x 9.2"W x 5.5"H (maximum) (37.3 x 23.4 x 14.0 cm max), 100% PET plastic. BPA-Free. Recyclable.

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