Lab Standard Stereotaxic for Mice & Rats


Model organisms with soft skulls, such as the mouse and the neonatal rat, are difficult to secure firmly in a traditional stereotaxic instrument. The stainless steel ear bars used for adult rats are too heavy to provide a securehold without compressing the sides of the skull inward (which closes the airways and impedes blood flow). Further, the neonatal rat pup has no external opening of the auditory canal into which to insert the ear bars. Stoelting's Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adaptor employs light, Delrin Ear Bars with tapered points on one end, and rubber tips on the other, to facilitate surgery on mice and rat pups. A unique feature permits ear bars to be independently adjusted in height to level the skull. Laser-engraved scales show the vertical positions of the ear bars. A Tooth Bar and Nose Clamp secures the nose. The Jaw Holder Cuffs fit over the ends of the ear bars, replacing rubber tips, providing an alternative non-invasive means of securing the animal's head in the stereotaxic stage. These options for "triple point" securing of the animal's head in this adaptor make it the most versatile mouse adaptor available. Set of two jaw holder cuffs are included. Triple-point options for securing the animal's head are also included.

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