Precision Brain Slicer


The Precision Brain Slicer is designed to aid the basic research scientist in free hand dissection of discrete regions of rodent brain. Allows investigator to slice either coronal or sagittal sections through the brain (including the olfactory bulbs) at intervals as small as 1mm. All PBS's are identical to insure reproducible sections on a day to day, year to year basis. Applications: Biochemical Pharmacology: The reproducible removal of small brain regions for biochemical analysis, such as the determination of neurotransmitter and metabolite concentrations. Individual brain areas may be either dissected or micropunched from slices formed; Anatomy: Precise blocking of the brain prior to microtome sectioning; Neurophysiology: Reproducible blocking of the brain prior to vibrotome sectioning. Order S for a sagittal style, and C for a coronal style.

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