The DermaScout 2 is an efficient and dependable instrument for visualization of dermal lesions. The dermatoscope is used to view, measure and monitor skin lesions, fungal infections tumors, warts and other condition that may affect the epidermis of the patient. The hand-held magnifier has 6x magnification, LED illumination, with a dual scale (Eng/Metric) measuring reticle as well as an independent diopter to allow the user to focus at differing focal points. Features • Magni?cation with 40 mm top lens • Diopter focus control for sharp focusing • 40 mm field of view (fiat field) • 31 mm working distance • LED illuminated with an array of 9 LED's • Over 150 hours of battery power • Reticule with dual measuring scales: millimeters and inches • 20 mm: 10 left of center/ 10 right of center • Measure in 0.1 mm increments • Measure in 0.05 in. increments • Durable locking transport and storage case • Battery included (type: CR2, 3V)

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