PrecisionPak Lysis & DNA Extraction Kit 50/pk


PrecisionPak is a bundle of bead lysis kits, all buffers/reagents to homogenize tissue samples and isolate specific biomolecules from homogenates, and protocol for high quality and high yield. Includes additional enzymes such as Proteinase K to facilitate tissue digestion and RNase A (in DNA extraction kit) to remove contaminating RNA and DNase I (in RNA extraction kit) to remove contaminating DNA. Streamlined solution for biomolecule extractions from many sample types. 1.5mL screw cap and snap-cap tubes for Bullet Blender homogenizers, and 2 mL screw cap tubes compatible with most homogenizers. RNase A (DNA isolation kit) and DNase I (RNA isolation kit) are included in respective kits to enable removal of contaminating species of nucleic acids.

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